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You Never Know When You’ll Most Need Your Intuitive Abilities. Not Developing Your Divine Gift of Intuition Has Consequences That May Cause Needless Pain in Your Life.

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Take the 2-minute assessment to identify your personal next step in developing your intuition.

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What Clients Are Saying

I didn’t hesitate to sign up for a reading with Karoleen. I trusted her right away and she quickly and accurately got to the heart of the issue I was having. I had cancer twice before in my life and I wanted to learn how to prevent it from happening again. I wanted to learn how to heal myself through energetically aligning my own energy. I signed up for the Intuition Development and Mastery Program immediately as I knew I wanted to learn so much more. Thank you, Karoleen!

Pam Gibson

Cedar Falls, Iowa
My readings from Karoleen are amazingly accurate. So accurate, it literally takes my breath away. You will feel the truth of her messages coming through in her words and how she teaches you at the same time as she delivers the messages. I not only heard the truth of the messages, but I felt them. If you get the chance to get a reading, it will be life-changing.


Cedar Falls, Iowa
In my reading, I was empowered by a clear and elevated message that my purpose was bigger than me. I am grateful for who I have become working with Karoleen. I would not be who I am today without the knowledge I gained from her readings. My life has been forever changed because my Godly purpose became crystal clear through Karoleen’s guidance.

Chequita McCullough

Poquoson, Virginia
I love Karoleen’s enthusiasm and her ability to connect right away. Her lovely, positive energy puts you at ease and makes the reading a very positive experience. She connects only through channels of love. Not only does she deliver your messages, but she brings clarification and answers your questions, as well.

Laurie Hazel

Des Moines, Iowa
Karoleen gets to the issues easily and quickly. Her words are impactful and transforming. She helped me with some of the most difficult issues I have ever faced. Before I knew it, everything was revealed and solved. I had a real transformation. I physically and emotionally felt lighter and so much better. I only wish I would have called her sooner. Don’t wait like I did. Schedule your reading with Karoleen now.

Joan Johnston

Cresco, Iowa
The message that Karoleen delivered was one I had waited to hear for 63 years. I was grateful to finally have some resolution. Karoleen’s reading opened me up to finding peace from my childhood loss. The validity of the messages provided a path of healing and personal growth I was so ready for. If you are looking for clarity and resolution in your life, don’t hesitate to schedule your reading with Karoleen.

Evelyne Jennings

Cedar Fall, Iowa
Karoleen’s information was specific, correct, and meaningful to me, and helped me in my grief and healing from the loss of my son. There were several distinct messages that came that only my son and I would know about. This helped me know—without a shadow of a doubt—that my son had come through for me. She also helped me understand some of the signs I felt like I was getting from my son and how to connect to him more. She also delivered a message that I needed to focus more on my own health. After the reading I made several changes in my life like changing my job and lowering my stress and I am so much happier. After the reading, I felt lighter and calmer, as if a burden had come off of my heart and shoulders. I hadn’t felt that sense of peace for a very long time. While I will always feel the loss of my son, I now feel more at peace with his death and feel like I can carry on with my life.

Kim Marshall

Greene, Iowa
During my reading, Karoleen shared with me more about my mission in life and how I could live my best life. I had been feeling stuck and it really helped me to transform my life. I was having chronic sore throats and she explained this was a message for me to find my voice and power—and use it. I learned how to start trusting myself and the intuitive experiences I was having, but didn’t know what to do with. If you are stuck or want to transform your life, schedule a reading with her.

Keri Miller

Cedar Falls, Iowa
In my reading, family members that had passed came through for me to help clarify a family dynamic that I didn’t know about. This helped me understand the background of the situation better, so I could heal and have more peace to move on in my life.

Stephanie Arensdorf

Janesville, Iowa
Two of my deceased grandparents came through with distinct information that identified them for me. This reading gave me a warm feeling of love that they were there for me and the confirmation I needed—as I thought I had felt their presence before. Karoleen also provided business information to me that turned out to be highly accurate. Be ready to receive powerful information. I highly recommend Karoleen.

Jessica Caughron

Business Owner – Waterloo, Iowa
I’m so happy I signed up for Karoleen’s coaching program. I was thrilled I learned to meditate with her guidance, as I had never been able to meditate before. I learned so much because her strategies are simple and doable, and she makes learning fun! Sign up for her coaching program. It will be life-changing for you, too!

Joan Johnston

Cresco, Iowa
It’s because of Karoleen’s coaching and mentoring that I learned to meditate and how to stay in energy alignment. I also learned how to read Divine Energy and do self-readings. I am now helping others by doing Divine Energy Readings and Divine Energy alignments as I’m called to be a Divine Healer. Karoleen is a wonderful teacher and I can’t believe how my intuitive abilities have expanded this year. If you want to master your intuition, hire Karoleen and invest in her program. I can’t believe how much better my health is and I’m thrilled to be living out my mission by serving others.

Pam Gibson

Cedar Falls, Iowa
Karoleen is a wonderful intuitive and spiritual teacher. Not only are her readings incredibly accurate, but over time, by working with her and paying attention to her guidance, I started waking up to receiving my own intuitive messages. I’ve had two very powerful and miraculous messages since we last talked and I wouldn’t have been able to perceive them without her instruction.


Cedar Falls, Iowa
Karoleen serves you from Divine Light, Love, and Guidance, and you can feel she is living from her purpose. She is knowledgeable and knows exactly how to help you learn to use the tools and take the steps that will help you expand and master your intuitive abilities, so you will make the progress you desire. She provides a safe and supportive structure to explore your gifts and trust yourself to go to the next level of mastery. So much of my life has improved because of her program—even my health! I feel more empowered and have had positive results in every area of my life. Investing in her Intuition Development and Mastery Program will be one of the best decisions you will make!

Keri Miller

Cedar Falls, Iowa
Karoleen is passionate about helping you receive the training and strategies to expand and master your intuitive abilities. You will feel and hear it in her words. Because of working with her, I became more open and self-aware of my own God-given intuitive capabilities. She gave me the tools and support to utilize what was already there for me. She will help you connect the dots of your own intuitive abilities, too!

Danielle McCulley

Hudson, Iowa
The assessment was clear and concise and I discovered what I was missing. It helped me know I wanted to talk to Karoleen to learn more to expand my skills. The Discovery Call helped me focus on my unique path and one of her tips elevated me to a higher level of intuition mastery. Don’t hesitate to take the assessment and book your Discovery Call with Karoleen.

Chequita McCullough

Poquoson, Virginia
I loved taking the Assessment and having my Discovery Call with Karoleen. She makes you feel so comfortable and she helped me clarify my priorities and goals. She definitely knows how to tailor your program to fit you uniquely. I now know what I need to do to move to the next level toward my intuition development. I am so excited about working with her!

Diane H.

Waterloo, Iowa
Karoleen listens to what your vision and desires are and will help you understand and focus on what the next steps are for you to expand your intuitive abilities.

Danielle McCulley

Hudson, Iowa
Book your Discovery Call with Karoleen today! She’s amazing at expertly assessing where you are at and what you need to do to elevate your life. She helps you turn issues around quickly into better solutions for your life.

Angie Reuter

Small Business Owner – Waterloo, Iowa
Come to your Discovery Call with an open mind and heart. Take notes and be ready because the information you receive will be just what you need and life-changing.

Jessica Caughron

Business Owner – Waterloo, Iowa

Nurture Your

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You deserve to nurture your Divine Energy, your Intuition, and Gifts. It is time for you to expand your intuition, deepen your relationship with the Divine, and stop living in the shadows of what could be.

Unlocking your intuitive potential to work for you is much more than just hoping it works out.

It’s about ensuring you are intentionally and actively engaging in the development of your intuition. We take a holistic approach so it works in all areas of your life.

A Process this important doesn’t have to be overwhelming…

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being intuitive and not knowing how to utilize it or having to squash or ignore it is really hard


I have been helping people with activating their intuitive gifts to live a life they desire and love

I am committed to helping you unlock your intuitive power that lies within you

Book a complimentary discovery call and let's figure out what is missing to really uncover your intuitive abilities.

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Taking the time to develop your intuitive abilities is an incredible gift to yourself and those around you...

When you’re ready to truly unlock your intuitive potential I am here to help you.



Karoleen Fober is a spiritual teacher, author, Intuitive Business and Life Mastery Coach and Mentor, and a Divine Energy Reader. Since 2001, when she created All Inspired Coaching and Consulting, Karoleen has provided numerous workshops and thousands of personal consultations to clients throughout the United States.

Karoleen works with Heart-centered Entrepreneurs, Transformational Leaders, Light Workers, and people on their spiritual journeys.

She teaches God’s Divine Universal Laws and Manifesting principles, along with simple ways to expand, develop, and master your intuitive gifts to communicate spiritually and receive Divine messages, so you can navigate your energetic well-being, business and career, relationships, and spiritual growth—quickly and easily, with confidence.

Karoleen has a BS in Early Childhood Education from Iowa State University, is a former preschool handicapped teacher, and owned her own financial planning business for fifteen years.

When not writing, coaching, or doing Divine readings, Karoleen enjoys keeping up with her family and eight grandchildren, growing dahlias, tending her gardens, and reading. She and her husband Gary split their time between Cedar Falls, Iowa, and Southwest Florida.

Take The Steps To Develop Your Intuition And Elevate Your Life